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Turtle Roadkill Monitoring - Volunteers Needed!

  1. 1.Identify a study site in your town using the description provided at this link, or discuss your town with the MassDOT/NHESP project coordinators. Please make sure to confirm your proposed study site by email.

  2. 2.Ensure safety during your surveys by wearing reflective clothing, or contacting your local public safety office or DPW.

  3. 3.Visit the site four times in 2014:    

        a.) once during the last week of May

        b.) once during the second week of June

        c.) once during the last week of June

        d.) (optional) once during the first two weeks of Sept.

  1. 4.During each visit, count the number of all species of turtles present (dead and alive) on the road and road shoulder. Photograph them in a pile.

  2. 5.Remove the carcasses observed during each survey and discard them so they will not be counted during later surveys.

  3. 6.By September 30, 2014, enter your field data using this online form.

Snapping turtle, Southampton

Submit your 2014 data here by September 30, 2014

Please confirm the location of your study site.